Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo

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The now legendary Milkman amp a pedal...that's fully stereo. Someone pinch me.

Following on the heels of The Amp and The Amp 100, Milkman have a newly designed fully stereo amplifier design with many extra features that will surely make this amplifier an essential part of any musician’s toolkit: The Amp Stereo!

There is now an elegant, analog, easy to use end of the chain solution for players using stereo effects featuring The Amp Stereo's cab sim sweetener, a stereo headphone amplifier and two powerful channels of amplification. On top of the stereo functionality, The Amp Stereo can be run as two independent amplifiers each powering separate channels of audio.

Use the built in footswitches to sum to mono and fix phase issues potentially created by wet/dry guitar setups or cabinets with reverse polarity. The two outputs can run into separate cabinets varying in impedance and wattage – for example a 4ohm bass cabinet can be powered by one side and 8ohm guitar cabinet by the other.

The Amp Stereo has been designed to maximize headroom and serve as a foundation for all manner of instruments and effects.

Like all Milkman products, The Amp Stereo is built by hand in California with the finest components available.

Grab this next-level Milkman amp and we will ship fast and free, cuz that's how we be!