Mr. Black JDD-3000+ Mk. II

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After 6 long years, the JDD-3000+ returns: in Mk. II form! Huzzah!

Like its elder siblings, the JDD-3000 and the JDD-3000+, the JDD-3000+ Mk. II delivers those iconic high-headroom, clean & crisp digital echoes, with some tasty extras and great new features, only present in the Mk. II.

The JDD-3000+ Mk. II features clean, buffered bypass with high-headroom trailing echoes (upon deactivation), a dedicated tap-tempo footswitch (hold for instant self-oscillation), our signature TAP/EXP. input for use with an external expression pedal (simply connect an expression pedal, rotate the desired control to the "EXP." region and go!) or Normally-Open tap-tempo footswitch, one super-easy-to-use programmable preset and up to 850mS of clean & pristine high-headroom digital delay, perfectly seasoned with just a touch of delicate and interactive modulation.

Peep these specs!:

  • 850mS of clean, high-headroom delay
  • Dedicated real-time tempo LED
  • One programmable preset with dedicated LED
    (press WRITE to save, hold ACTIVATE to toggle preset/live)
  • Silent, soft-touch footswitches - NEW for Mk. II
  • Dedicated, on-board Tap-Tempo footswitch - NEW for Mk. II
  • Instant self-oscillation - NEW for Mk. II
    (hold TEMPO to activate, release to deactivate)
  • External expression pedal / tap-tempo input
    (Exp. pedal wiring: Tip - Wiper, Ring - Positive, Sleeve - Ground)


Grab this damn-near-perfect delay for your board and we'll ship it free, cuz that's how we be!