Mr. Black LTD High-Five Instant Power Chord Generator

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The Mr. Black High-Five - Instant Power Chord Generator is now available as a short-run, built-to-order custom pedal, employing the exact circuit as in the super limited Black LTD. High-Five featuring an updated high-gloss graphic and our shining chrome powder-coat. 

Three simple and intuitive controls allow you to dial in the output level of your dry signal, your octave (either high or low), and your natural fifth (either 5 notes above, or 4 notes below) giving you an instant power chord from one single note!
Output levels: -∞dB - +3dB for each voice, with subtle and gentle flutter recreating the natural resonance and intermodulation of a strong power-chord.

You probably already get it. Just dial in the level you'd like for your dry signal, then rotate your 5th and Oct controls to the level and direction you'd like your transposed notes to go (CCW for below, CW for above) and you're rockin harder than ever before! This is especially cool with distortion and/or for leads.

Like all Mr. Black pedals, the Mr. Black High-Five is hand-built, one at a time, using exclusively premium components, true-bypass switching and now wears our shop-exclusive and unique "Deep Black" print on our saucy and stylish chrome powder-coat. The Deep Black finish is really something to see and feel!

Not only does the High-Five look as classy as a nice Heritage Softail, it sounds damned good too.

Power with either an internal 9V battery (not included) or your choice of "industry standard" 9VDC pedal power, consuming approximately 59mA @ 9VDC.