Mr. Black Mini Phaser

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Evolved from the DNA of the coveted GilaMondo 8-stage phase-shifter, the Mini Phaser delivers the ooey-gooey swirling syrup only an 8-stage phase-shifter can.
Four additional delicately-engineered, one-way multi-network taps mimic the thickness and girth of up to 12-stages of phase-shifting pulse as the Enhance control is advanced, offering a wide array of phase tones spanning from light, airy-wiggle all the way to heavy, thick, vocal throb.

And Yes: it goes VERY slow.

Three simple controls and daisy-chain friendly "industry standard" 9VDC power let you ease a very versatile and high-quality phase-shifter into the tightest of pedal-boards!

Handmade and built to last by real live humans, right here in Portland, Oregon using only premium, high-grade, tight-tolerance parts for years of dependable service and downright superior tone.