MXR MX-143 Limiter

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Well now, what do we have here? The box claims to be a limiter, but this fine piece of vintage machinery is typically regarded as more of a compressor. Its quiet, gentle nature is perfect for adding that "master compression" polish to your sound.

With an onboard transformer and a 15v regulator, this circuit has an astonishingly low noise-floor. If you're looking for a compressor that doesn't totally squash your tone or color your signal, you definitely need to check out the MX-143. It's also ideal to have in your studio arsenal, works equally well on guitar or bass, and it's built like a dang tank with the MXR quality we know and love.

Controls include Sensitivity, Attack, Release, and Output. Simple and easy to use, but you'll be amazed by how good it sounds. Snag this rare vintage comp while you can! 

This pedal is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly. Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this unit.