MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive

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Custom built for Zakk Wylde’s relentless riffs and leads, this muscular stomp box will transform your amp into a heavy crunch machine. 

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the explosive collaboration between Dunlop and Zakk Wylde with the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive. With a simple Output, Tone, and Gain control layout, setup is fast and easy so that you can concentrate on the important business at hand—kicking major sonic ass. Zakk likes to stick it in front of a dirty amp and kick into full-on screaming lead tones with sustain that lasts for days.

Gear up with the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive, and unleash your six-stringed beast. Take no prisoners.

This Wylde pedal ships fast and free cuz that's how it oughta be!