Mythos Pedals Luxury Drive

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After finding out Tim Jauernig was taking a step back from building and after connecting with Tim, Mythos Pedals decided they could work together with Tim to re-invigorate the lineup and bring them back to new players the world over.  

The Luxury Drive is a deceptively simple boost pedal that does something truly special to your signal. The single LEVEL control adjusts the gain of a single transistor which gives you the boosted output. Set low you get a nice amount of definition and sparkle along with a little bump in the low end, as you turn the LEVEL knob up you get a great boost sound that hits an amp in just the right way.

With its approximate 14 db of output you can get your signal right where you need it without overwhelming anything. Whether it is pushing your pedalboard or hitting the amp the Luxury Drive will deliver a sweet sound that players the world over have enjoyed for years.

Since changing the Cestus to a Treble Boost, they thought it only right to bring another pure clean boost back into the fold. And boy were they right! This circuit has always been a favored clean booster and it fits perfectly into the Mythos family of products. We hope players who enjoy getting the most out of their guitar/amp setup with fall in love with the Luxury Drive's simple charm.