Ness Customs Copperhead 2020

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You'll never find another guitar quite like the Copperhead. This guitar was handmade by Derek Ness, our in house luthier and the craftsmanship is top shelf!

This single pup beast was fully crafted by Ness from Douglas Fir with a rosewood freboard, 2-way truss rod, and string-thru body design. Every piece hand cut, sanded and finished. No C&C machines or "warmoth/allparts" goin on here. All hand made, crafted with meticulous detail down to the inlays. Outfitted with a 20k (yes, 20 f'ing K!) Stonewall Custom XFR Humbucker. That tells you all you need to know about how this guitar utterly rips. This is truly a guitar that needs to be held and played to be appreciated.

One pickup. One volume control with a vintage bakelite knob...and no questions asked. 

11/16" Nut, Water Buffalo horn

16" Radius C Profile, .796-.917

Emerson 1meg pot 6 lbs

The Copperhead will ship out swiftly and securely the next day.