Nobels ODR-Mini XTS Mod

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Finally. A mini pedal version of the legendary Nobels ODR-1. This pedal was painstakingly designed to put the original and famous "Natural Overdrive" sound of the ORD-1 into a mini pedal format. The Nobels engineers went to great lengths and have successfully created a new, instant classic, the ODR-mini. The amazing tone that you expect from the ODR-1 is there plus Nobels has added new features like true bypass switching and knobs with glow in the dark position markers.

The Nobels ODR-mini is a natural, non-compressed tube-amp style overdrive that is versatile, amp-like, and affordable. Creates crunchy rock and blues sounds or extra boost for soloing without smothering the natural character of your guitar's tone. The Spectrum control optimizes tones from single coil chime to powerful humbucker rock ensuring plenty of clarity and full dynamic range.

The XTS Nobels ODR-mini mod is a simple modification to make the pedal less boomy and more focused. The mod is designed to contour the low end of the pedal for a more controlled bass response. It also allows for an enhanced midrange response that increases the focus of the pedal for better note definition.

This pedal lightly used and ships the next day! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!