Noble Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp / DI

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Bass guitar sounds best through tubes, especially when running direct! Tubes distort gradually with low-order harmonics, which are perfect musical intervals. The second harmonic is an octave, the third harmonic is a fifth above the octave, the fourth harmonic is a second octave, etc. This is the reason tubes sound so good...

and you will notice it! Their subtle distortion provides the natural harmonics lacking in electronic instruments, and restores the dimension and feel of your bass as it was intended to be heard. 

Measuring just 7 1/2” x 5” and weighing less than 3 pounds, the Noble preamp DI will change the way you think about vacuum tube gear.

This might be damn near the best piece of gear you've ever bought. The tone is amazing. Every cab will sound perfect. Every bass sound like it should. And they're all handmand, one at a time, by one man.

Lead time on one of these beauties new is weeks on end. This one is LIGHTLY used, very clean and available right here, right now. It ships the next day in the included hardshell case to protect your lil' tone baby from harm.