Nordland ODR-CC+ Compact Overdrive

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The compact version of Nordland's own ODR-C Custom Overdrive in a standard pedal size, the ODR-CC+ delivers up nice transparent drive that leaves your foundational tone in tact as much as possible while adding a layer of drive and dynamics. 

Drive, Level, three band EQ, along with a O.D.C. (Overdrive De-Compress) knob. This control is hard to describe, as this effect is best felt when playing! Overall, it helps create a tone that's a bit more open and sounds less compressed. It also gets a bit louder and the proportion of center frequencies increases. At the same time, the harmonics are reduced and the sound becomes a bit rougher overall. This depends on the position of the drive. In short, give the ODC and the Drive knobs a spin and you're bound to find a tone that is spot on for what you're going for! It's in there!

This great pedal is lightly used and ships the next day!

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