Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter Automatic Triple Tracker Distortion

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Gonna be honest with you. The description of this pedal does not do it ay justice. This pedal is capable of so many sounds. Yes, there are 3 great dirt sounds, but you don't have to use them like that. This pedal can do the wall of sound, but can be strategically shifted to become an unpredictable lo-fi companion. Old Blood continues to crush and inspire. We're here for it.

Ever inspired by the concept of embiggening sound, Old Blood Noise Endeavors have created a device that goes beyond doubling, offering three overdrives spread apart in time to create three instruments out of one. With three different overdrive voices, and control over the delay time, feedback, and time variation of two of those voices, Beam Splitter creates a trio out of a solo player, in parallel mono, stereo, or trereo.

Beam Splitter Features:
- Hard clipping distortion, soft clipping overdrive, and transistor drive, each with
control over Gain, Volume, and Tone
- Time knobs to introduce delays up to 125mS on the soft clipper and transistor drive
- Feedback knobs to add intense filtering or trailing delays depending on Time
- Deviate knob to randomly vary the delay time, giving a more natural feel and chorus
- Summed parallel mono output or split output for each drive via top jacks
- Expression control over Deviate
- Soft-touch relay bypass switching
- 9V center negative DC power