Oneder Effects Onderbolt Distortion

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A dirt pedal with a big personality.

The Onederbolt Distortion is a continuation of the pedal that started it all for this company: the Oneder Drive. Back with a new name to evoke the true power of this circuit and the often-requested external bright/tone knob, the Onederbolt also has a toggle to go from the classic Oneder Drive qualities (MKI) to the MKII setting, which adds top end, gain, and sustain. 

The Onederbolt a simple, yet versatile pedal that can be used as a mid-heavy boost at its tamest, or a fuzzy distortion with unparalleled note clarity at its most extreme. The clipping switch toggles between heavy, hairy op-amp clipping and a unique silicon/LED hybrid diode clipping configuration that compresses the low end, sizzle, and gain in a vintage way.

This dirt box is extra clean and lightly used. We'll ship it fast and free in its original box!

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