Orange AD30HTC w/ Road Case

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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but Oranges are a fuzz pedal's best friend. There is truly nothing like the creamy, wooly tone of a fuzzed-out Orange head blasting at full tilt. But this amp is capable of much more than just wall-shaking sludgy riffage!

The AD30 really is a one-stop shop for all shades of pure British chime and crunch. Every retro, Class A tone you need is right here, thanks to four EL84s, a GZ34 (5AR4) valve rectifier and a pair of 2-stage channels, each providing a different flavor of no-nonsense Orange tone.

Interacting beautifully with the EL84 power amp, Channel One is good enough to be an amp on its own, ranging from bell-like chime to Classic Rock grit. Channel Two is the same personality, but in a bad mood! A touch more gain and a snotty, aggressive edge make this the perfect channel for cutting leads and pounding riffs.

This amp has been gigged hard, as can be seen from the external wear and tear. But this is all purely cosmetic, just signs that the previous owner loved this amp and got a lot of use out of it! Our amp tech here at EMS has given this bad boy a thorough inspection to ensure that it functions flawlessly.

We'll ship this amp to you super fast and super safe in its included road case! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!