Orange Custom Shop 50 Amp Head

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Pure, unadulterated Brit tone! The masters. Our favorite citrus themed amp manufacturer! 

Orange's Custom Shop Series takes their 40+ years of craftsmanship in creating some of world’s very finest amps and drops it into one badass box of rock. These are top notch and cranked out in limited numbers. 

Meticulously hand wired using premium grade components and heavy gauge copper wire, the internals are nothing short of a work of art. The Custom Shop 50 is a single channel gem that can is switchable between 30 Watts Class A and 50 Watts Class A/B output alters the amp’s feel and response, with a sensitive chime in Class A mode. In the Class A/B setting, the mids open up, for a more aggressive, full-bodied kick.

The EQ and Gain are highly interactive. The Drive control allows for fine tuning of the upper harmonics. As you approach 3 o’clock on the dial, it adds negative feedback at the output stage for a rich, thick overdrive which cuts like a boss through any mix. A footswitchable EQ lift provides some great tones for lead work (footswitch not included), adding fullness and sustain that won't quit. For classic British tone, it doesn’t get any better!

This unique amp is lightly used with barely any signs of love and use. It's been very well cared for maintained. The pros here at EMS have gone through to make sure everything is clean, tight, and sounding right! This amp absolutely rips

Grab this head for your next rig and it'll ship out safely and securely. 

If you have questions about this amp or any of our gear, feel free to give us a shout here at the shop!