Orange PPC412 USA Cabinet

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Big, ballsy, and beautiful. Orange makes some of the most resonant, toneful cabs around. This 240W 4x12 is an absolute monster. What ever you wanna throw at it, it can handle. Blues boy? Yep. Classic rock monster? mmhmm. Doom machine? oh you betcha. 

This fella is completely stock (loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s) and super clean. It shows only minor signs of playwear and works like a charm (see pics). 

We don't relish the thought of shipping this. Just make a nice trip over to Nashville and we'll help ya load it up. But if you can't make the trip, and you insist, and ask nicely, we may just be able to find a way to ship 'er to you. But it won't be cheap. 

Check out the sweet pair of vintage Orange amp heads we have in our store; either of them would make the perfect pairing with this cab. Like a fine wine. 

Feel free to give us a shout at the shop with further questions.