Orange Rocker 30 Head

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If you love all-tube Class A performance, then you need to plug into this Rocker 30 Head! This authentic Orange amp head instantly turns your guitar into a more responsive, expressive instrument, and you'll appreciate the Rocker 30 Head's compact size when it's time to pack up. You get 30 watts of tube-fired bliss through two channels: choose the Natural channel for chiming clean tones, or switch to the Dirty channel for crunch, classic sustaining tones, and even molten distortion. If you're all about pure, unadulterated amp tones, then you must get your hands on the Rocker 30 Head!

Back before modeling amps and jack-of-all-trades rigs became commonplace, players already knew the secret of magic tone. It still lives, and it's right here in the Rocker 30 Head! Witness the uncluttered front panel. Plug in and experience the bell-like clean tones on the Natural channel - and hear beauty incarnate when you open it up and get that pair of EL34 power tubes cooking! If you love clean tones with a hint of overdrive, you're going to linger on this channel for a long time.

Switch to the Dirty channel and you've got a treasure trove of overdrive options. The Rocker 30 Head goes from subtle grit to classic crunch to big, sustaining distortion; it's perfect for a range of styles! Crank it up and you won't believe this is a 30-watt head. But, as they say, British watts are louder. The easily tweakable panel layout lets you dial up your favorite sounds in a snap, and the Rocker 30 is built tough enough to handle plenty of road work. It shines in the studio as well!

This incredible amp is VERY lightly used (it still has the tag on it!) and we'll ship it to you stupid fast and super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!