Origin Effects DCX Boost

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The greatest pieces of studio gear are the ones that add something special to the sound of an instrument, going beyond the job they were designed for and enhancing anything that passes through the circuit. One such piece is the UA 610 preamp, which was the inspiration for the DCX Boost. This retro console preamp is famous for adding vintage, analogue colour to a signal, as well as precise control of level and EQ. Push the level harder and you get rich, harmonic saturation of the kind that makes analogue hardware a must-have in any present-day studio.

The DCX Boost reimagines this classic preamp as a tone-shaper and drive pedal for guitar, with a wide range of clean and overdrive tones, EQ frequencies optimised for the instrument, and our Adaptive Circuitry providing a treble response that reacts to playing dynamics. It’s a signal-boosting, tone-enhancing pedal straight from the studio!

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