Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2

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There are few sounds as satisfying than that of a syrupy slide guitar tone, whether it’s in an old-school country song, a psychedelic jam session, or a ripping blues solo. Achieving that tone relies on a delicate balance of plucky attack and sonorous sustain. And, applying just the right amount of compression is the secret ingredient that makes that possible. But we’re not just talking about a single compressor dropped down in your signal chain. If you really want to call up those creamy, dreamy slide sounds, stacking compressors is the way to go. And that’s just what the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 compressor pedal from Origin Effects is designed to do.

The SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 chains two compressors together, one feeding into the next — a studio trick employed by revered slide guitarists such as Little Feat’s Lowell George. Based on an iconic FET-compressor, the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2’s twin compressors can subtly control transients to pull out some top-end spank, or they can lay the smackdown for a rounded tone with epic sustain. Running the compressors in series lets you take advantage of both characteristics transparently while minimizing noise. And to give you even more control over your tone, the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 includes an attack/release knob, which ranges from a fast-attack/slow-release setting to a slow-attack/fast-release setting. So, the amount of squash is in your hands! The SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 also includes a Dry Blend knob to fold the compressed signal under the uncompressed signal to retain your dynamics while adding punch and weight.