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Love Beams is a multi-mode delay, filter and reverb pedal - often it’s a combination of two of these functions, sometimes it’s a standalone filter, other times it’s all 3 in 1. It just depends what mode you’re in. We refer to it as our Cosmic Echo Unit because we believe it sounds unlike any other delay on Earth. Inspired by the pioneering musical effects of the 1970s and 80s - large boxes with shiny knobs that made manipulating audio into desirable, sonic-mutations easy and pleasurable - but brought forward into the modern age. Love Beams is intended to be a tactile, tone-shaping unit that may inspire new directions in sound and music. See below for a quick overview of all 8 modes!


D1 - Lightwaves

A uniquely modulated band pass filter, into a delay with an overdriven chorus in the feedback path that goes from a subtle radiance to deep, swelling pulsations.

D2 - Life Speed

A low pass filter modulated by a sample and hold control signal, into a delay with amplitude modulation in the feedback path. Capable of bending and shifting the repeats into anything from rich textures to hypnotic rhythmic echoes.

D3 - Subterranean

A delay into an envelope-controlled filter with a blendable octave fuzz in the feedback path. Creating trippy, accented repeats, with higher frequencies spiking then decaying rapidly.

D4 - Sound + Vision

A delay with cascading, pitch-shifted repeats. Depending on the ctrls, the repeats are uniquely filtered to allow for everything from subtle harmonic overtones, to kaleidoscopic, mutant echoes.

F1 - Honey

A low pass filter with the option for light to heavy modulation of both the cutoff frequency and a blendable chorusing effect. Capable of subtle pulses, swelling ambiance or transparent radiation.

F2 - Patchwork

A low pass filter with blendable fuzz and a unique (modulating square wave) tremolo effect. A dreamweapon capable of stretching minds wide open… use thoughtfully.

? - Reshape

A resonant, plate-like reverb into a filtered delay line. Plays with the fabric of time in a very pleasant way.

?? - Creation Rebel

A resonant, spring-like reverb with a classic 4 stage phaser in the output path. Inspired by the sound of one of the UK’s greatest record labels - On-U U U u U U u u u.


I/O: Mono (TS unbalanced 6.4mm jack).

Power: 9V DC power supply, standard 2.1mm (negative tip/positive sleeve) - not included.

Current: 85mA

Dimensions: 145 mm x 121 mm x 39 mm

Made on Gundungurra country in Mittagong, NSW, Australia - Which always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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