PedalPalFX PAL 800 v3 Gold Overdrive

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This design is the second version of PAL's 800 series, known to customers as the "Gold Version". This pedal is the result of knowledge and experience with the most famous British amps tone and also with their PAL 800 JCM Emulator and PAL 959 PLEXI Emulator pedals. It includes a three position switch known as "Gain Voicing" that will allow you to get different British amps gain tones.

How does the "Gain Voicing switch" work?
This three-position switch will allow you to get different tone responds (Voicing) in the gain section of the pedal, the change between positions will be more radical at low gain settings and smoother as you turn up the "Gain" knob. At maximum "Gain" knob position this switch will not affect the gain voicing respond.
The middle position is the most flat respond setting of the three positions, ideal to use at low gain settings (bellow 11 o'clock position of the "Gain" knob), the lower position will give you more middle and bass response and the upper position more brightness and less bass response. 
Each position will affect the output volume level of the effect depending of the "Gain" knob position, in this case, you will need to adjust also the "Volume" knob to your taste when you use the "Gain Voicing switch".

This pedal is lightly used and will ship safely and swiftly in its original box!