Palmer ADIG-LB

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Special DI box with loadbox for guitars. The integrated load resistor permits tube amplifiers up to approximately 120 W to be connected to the PGA04, bypassing a loudspeaker. A jack socket (unbalanced) and balanced XLR connector are available for direct pickup of the signal. The extensive filter section provides for a realistic simulation of classic guitar loudspeaker sounds.

Technical specifications:

  • Loadbox: 6.3 mm jack input with parallel THRU socket for speaker operation Loadbox
  • Input impedance: 8 ohms, max.
  • Input load: 120 w RMS
  • Input level display: 6 LED's
  • Output: 2 x 6.3 mm jack, unbalanced, floating ground, 1 x balanced XLR output
  • Output impedance: jack: 10.000 ohms, XLR: 600 ohms
  • Level: unbalanced 0 dB, balanced -10 dB at 25 w
  • Input Controls: Volume FiIlter, LOW, HIGH, LITE/BROWN-switch for tone shaping
  • Full Range Volume for unfiltered signal, used in conjunction with the HI-CUT to emulate the bright sound of, e.g., 10-inch speakers
  • Both signals attenuable


This trusted piece of gear is lightly used and ships safely! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this rack unit.