Paul Reed Smith Sweet 16+ Custom 1x12 Combo

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This is a badass tone baby you don't see everyday! From the mind of the legendary Paul Reed Smith, the Sweet 16 is a 1x12 power house. This one has some tricks up its sleeve (more on that later)!

There's a reason this rare amp is loved by rock and country and blues guys: players of all stripes will find delectable tones in this amp. The Sweet 16+ packs in 45 watts of unbelievable tube tone, complete with lush reverb. It has the right amount of wattage to let you get those essential tube breakup tones, even at smaller gigs; or get into a larger club or studio and let 'er rip.

Fully designed and hand-wired in the USA, PRS has given the Sweet 16 a cool vintage-styled covering and a compact footprint. 12AX7 and 6L6 tubes provide the power plant for this beauty, but it's the elegant, completely pure design that takes this amp to boutique-land.

This particular amp has been given a couple of bonus features courtesy of PRS designer Douglas Sewell. According to Sewell, he took this (originally stock) Sweet 16 to his bench because Paul had told him to "make it magic" since it was headed to a Nashville session player. Sewell brought the magic by upping the plate voltage with a different power transformer, fixed biased the tubes by adding a bias circuit, changed the output transformer to a Pro Reverb/Vibroverb style. 

Tube-wise, Sewell installed short bottle 6L6GC output tubes, then he tweaked the tone stack a little more towards a Vox/Trainwreck Liverpool. The original recipient of the amp could not stop raving about it. 

The TAD 6L6's sound vintage and compress nicely when you crank the amp. The Vox-y tone stack seems to fit the overall vibe of the amp and the Pro Reverb output xformer can saturate in a really cool way. 

 This is a kickass amp with a very cool story! It is super clean and cared for. We've taken this amp through its paces to insure that it works great, sounds great, and ready for stage or studio. It will ship swiftly and securely with an IEC power cable and the included slip cover!

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