Pedal Pawn Gypsy Vibe

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This is hands down one of the best vibes we've heard. The folks at Pedal Pawn ain't playin' no games. Their description is pretty spot on too, so I'll let them do the talkin..


From Pedal Pawn....


We haven’t built a VIBE... we’ve built a time machine!

The Pedal Pawn ® Gypsy Vibe™ has the thickest THROB we’ve ever heard! It can thump your amps speaker into a pulsing heartbeat. We’ve only ever heard this tone before on our magical vintage unit - in which we took major inspiration from. 3D swirl, magical colours, quite simply... the Psychedelic 60s in a box!

The Pedal Pawn ® Gypsy Vibe ™ features:


  • Deepest THROB in the ladyland!
  • Hand-selected hermetically sealed photocells
  • Lightbulb lamp matched to original spec
  • Handmade light shroud
  • Jewel LED light w/ integrated pulsing Speed / Throb indication
  • Handwired one at a time in the UK
  • Hand drilled, powder coated & screen printed in the UK
  • Chorus & Vibrato mode w/ hand painted vintage style switch
  • Big speed knob - for easy acceleration with your foot
  • True bypass switching 
  • Runs on 18VDC power supply w/ negative centre tip - not included (Dunlop ECB009G1 recommended).


This guy is VERY lightly used and will ship lightning fast with the original box.