Peavey 400 Series Bass Head

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These Peavey heads from the 80's and 90's have garnered a bit of a cult following in recent years, somehow avoiding the outrageous uptick in resale price that usually accompanies "vintage" items regaining popularity. The phrase "f*ck tone, acquire volume" seems to be the slogan among Peavey enthusiasts recently, but we feel that doesn't do this amp much justice. This 200-watt solid state bass amp head not only gets loud as hell, but also has extensive tone-shaping options; a six-band EQ, normal clean channel, an effects channel with onboard distortion and fuzz that can be blended with the clean signal, and a master gain knob section with an additional "slope" control. This amp kicks ass, especially considering the price point.

This amp shows signs of love and use, but is in perfect working condition, and will ship safely and swiftly!