Peavey MKIV Bass Head Series 400

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This amp is sick. It's a powerhouse of an head that left no stone unturned.

Dual Channel, Bi-Amping capability, POWERFUL 6-band EQ section featuring "ParaMid" controls for midshift assignable to each of the 2 channels, variable crossover, built in DDT Compression, Automatic Thermal Protection, FX Loops....I could go on. 

All that really needs to be said though is that this amp rips. It dooms. It rocks. It shreds. It know, whatever the kids are saying these days. It does that. 

Built like a tank, you could throw this out the van on your way to the gig, pick it up off the side of the road and it would still work. (not recommended).

Rather not ship her if we can avoid it!