Peavey Ultra 120 Amp Head

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High gain junkies, we've got your fix right here! This thing is loud as hell and it is ready to chug. You surely know Peavey for their 5150 and 6505 models, but you may not be quite as familiar with their ancestor.

With the arrival of hair metal in the 80's and the rise in demand for amps like the JCM800, Peavey answered the call for high gain with their Butcher and VTM models. These were seen as a budget version of their British predecessor, but they definitely had their own unique characteristics, utilizing 6L6 power tubes instead of the usual EL34. Following these models, as players began demanding more and more gain in the early 90's, Peavey built off of the groundwork they laid with the Butcher and VTM and unleashed the Ultra series. 

This thing is 120 watts of pure thrash. Utilizing four 6L6 power tubes and four 12AX7's, there's a world of tones to be found in the three channels this head offers. The Clean channel has surprisingly pristine headroom for something with such a rugged enclosure, the Crunch channel adds a decent amount of natural breakup for rhythms, and the Ultra channel takes that breakup and injects it with a borderline unhealthy amount of adrenaline and saturation.

These 90's Peavey heads are approaching "vintage" status and have held up like tanks over the years, and yet somehow have avoided the dreaded internet hype that causes the prices of so many similar pieces of gear to skyrocket. You can still snag this amp for a killer price and start melting faces and pissing off your neighbors. It'll also pair perfectly with the Peavey Butcher cab you can find right here on our site as well!

We'll ship this guy safely and securely to your door. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this amp!