Red River Amplification Betsy

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Red River Amplification just keeps bringing us the coolest amps.

This is Betsy. Small but strong. We like to think Betsy as the exception to the rule when it comes to blending practicality without sacrificing tube tone and integrity.

Simply put, Betsy allows you to snag a portable, small amp that is easy to grab and go and will sound killer every time you plug it in.

Betsy is a single channel 6V6 screamer that sneakily pushes about 15 watts. Currently loaded with a 12AY7 in the V1 position for a bit more headroom but swappable with a 12AX7 to add a bit more gain. Simple Volume and Tone controls allow great, usable tone is all positions.

One of the rad features of this amp is the switchable "Dirt" switch. Which removes the cathode bypass cap on V1a and allows there to be better clean or crunchy tones depending it's orientation. 

As with all Red River amps, they are locally hand wired, and completely hand built with the highest quality components available by one person. The attention to detail is tip top and this will be a killer piece of gear that will outlive you.