Red River Amplification Amelia 5E3

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100% hand built in Nashville, TN Red River Amplification uses the highest quality components in available. Built onto a powder coated chasis, this baby is loaded with NOS 6V6 1950 smoked glass RCA tubes, Sozo blue coupling caps, Mercury Magnets power transformer, Soursound output transformer, Weber 12A125 30w 8 ohm alnico speaker.... I mean, damn! These guys don't play. 

The cab was built from Pete Mather featuring super high quality finger-jointed pine, built to the exact specs of the originals. Tinted lacquer tweed, it's even got vintage bakelite knobs.

The circuit in this baby was designed with low b+ around 320v matched to the originals so it will compress nicely and overdrive like the OGs do.

It just doesn't get any closer to the original. Red River Amplification is took this first built and hit a damn home run. Cork sniffers beware, your friends are gonna be jealous.

Grab this spot-on tweed tone monster and we'll ship it out, securely packed and lightning fast.