Red River Amplification Memento Mori Fuzz

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Fuzz should be used for more than just ripping Hendrix and SRV licks. If you'll learn to "play it," it is a highly versatile tool. The Memento Mori Fuzz can help you do this. It's based on a classic two-transistor, germanium transistor topology but with changes to the circuit for versatility. The updated drive control varies from minimal breakup with single coils to a brick wall of fuzz. Combined with your guitar's volume control, infinite drive settings are possible.
This pedal also includes two EQ adjustments: treble boost and bass cut. The treble boost adds bite for more sizzle. The bass cut limits the massive bass response of this circuit to tighten your tone and help it punch. The available output from this pedal is massive - unlike most older fuzz units. This run of Memento Mori Fuzz (Serial # 001 - 005) uses rare Texas Instruments 2N1307 transistors for a beautifully smooth fuzz. Like all Red River Amplification effects, this pedal is true-bypass and uses the highest quality parts.