Reeves Black Hat Sound

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This is a unbelievable fuzz box, built with extreme attention to detail. (look at that damn circuit!)

Individually handmade, from the every capacitor and transistor to the etching on the enclosure. 

This unique fuzz uses a matched pair of super rare vintage ‘New Old Stock’ TO106 cased, TUN ‘Blackhat’ transistors from the 1970s, creating a pedal that sounds full, musical and full of force. Its a very pick sensitive fuzz, letting your guitars charactar show through, there are many usable tones when dialing back the guitars volume control. There is also thunderous bass available with the bass switch in the up position and the tone has enough mids to be heard in the mix, but not to many to sound muddy.

The bias control can go from smooth and flowing Gilmour tones, though voltage sag on the front of the note and a gated finish, think Neil Young buckling his Tweed Deluxe, spitty, saggy, huge and glorious, to the nasel Fuzztone in the intro to the Rolling Stones Satisfaction.

Skip the wait and get this raunchy fuzzbox shipped lightning fast with the original box and goodies!