Retroactive Pedals Validity Sensor

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The Validity Sensor is based around the Belton Reverb brick, giving way to dark and looming sounds with capabilities of lo-fi glitchy reverb with versatility.

The pedals is equipped with 5 controls:

Reverb Mix – Dials in amount of wet signal from Belton Brick

Mod Depth – Dials in amount of LFO depth from Frequency Divider.

Dwell – controls the minimum or maximum amount of decay from Belton Brick, which can produce blooming and oscillating qualities.

Damp – Subtly affects high frequency roll off from the reverb signal and doubles as a way to dampen pick attack.

LFO Select – Selects frequency division of the LFO

Equipped with a CMOS Frequency Divider LFO based on a DIY circuit, the Ghost Code by Wraa Labs.

This chip turns your guitar signal into an unpredictable “tremolo” based on the frequency of the note you play, the lower the note, the slower the LFO , the higher the note, the faster the LFO.

The VS is equipped with an LFO selector switch, which allows the user to select 4 different division rates, ranging slowest to fastest in a clockwise manner which was inspired by my love for granular reverb.

Suggested Pairings:

Placing an EQ after the Validity Sensor, the dark qualities of this pedal can be really accentuated with adding some mids or high behind it to really open up the chime-y dwell of the reverb tails.

Also try throwing an Overdrive or Fuzz behind this pedal for a huge wall of sound.