Revelator SuperTone w/Bigsby

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The Revelator SuperTone is their take on the legendary offset guitars of the 1960s paying homage to their legendary designs while maintaining originality. But they didn't stop with the authentic tone; Revelator went next level with the aesthetics, complete with the badass seafoam racing stripes!

Check these specs!

  • Paulonia wood
  • Olympic White w/ Seafoam green racing stripe
  • Lollar Gold Foils
  • Flamed Mapel Neck
  • Medium C neck profile
  • 9.5" radius
  • 6105 fret size
  • Aged nickel w/ B5 Bigsby
  • Serial: 00022

The luthiers here at EMS have given it a full setup so that it comes to you with level frets, great action, and spot-on intonation. It ships the next day in its Revelator gig bag.