Rickenbacker 4001 Jetglo 1976

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Over 40 years of mojo going on here. A truly brilliant Jetglo that's super easy on the eyes, with all of the sound and feel of a 70's Rick. This baby is fully stock and plays like a dream. The hailed 4001 is responsible for so many classic tunes and tones. Articulate yet able to thump, Rick basses prove to be versatile in any situation. 

This bass has seen some action! A true player's bass. It has wear and signs of use and love overall. The back of the body has been worn down to the maple, no doubt from years of rippin' sick bass lines. These battle scars do not affect the playability or tone of the instrument. This Rick's frets were given a fresh crowning and set up by the luthiers here at EMS. It is ready for stage or studio. Ships out the next day in its Gator hard shell case.