Rickenbacker 610 Fireglo 1987

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Oh how we love us a good Ric! This is a beautiful 610 from '87, a model made from 1985-1995 that is the legendary 620 but with no binding. Classic Ric tone, the playability, the looks, the vibe...damn.
This one is extra special: it has been upgraded with some next level features that make it nearly identical to the 1960s Rickenbacker 615, all with no permanent damage to the guitar. 
-Rickenbacker toaster pickups
-Winfield Accent Vibrato
-Vintage spec “Ric Deluxe” tuners
-Vintage spec wiring harness with bridge bright cap

This guitar is in great condition for its age with just a few little nicks, bumps, and signs of love and use (see pics). There’s some slight checking starting on the upper horn which looks really cool. Thanks to the badass luthiers here at EMS, the action is nice, the frets are level, and the setup is spot-on! The vibrato stays in tune really nicely! It ships out the next day in its Rickenbacker reissue silver/crushed blue hardshell case.