Roland SH-4d Sound Module Desktop Synthesizer Synthesizer

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Meet the SH-4d Synthesizer, a desktop powerhouse with hands-on workflow and deep synthesis tools for designing the sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Create spontaneous musical moments with 11 OSC Models, a multitimbral pattern sequencer, extensive effects, and plenty of polyphony. And with the loaded panel, dynamic controls, motion recording, and more, you can craft evolving sounds and compositions as fast as the ideas come. Equally suited for studio, stage, and traveling, the SH-4d is an incredibly versatile synth that unleashes inspiration from the moment you power on.

Inspired by legendary Roland SH synths, the new SH-4d Model lets you build thick vintage analog-style sounds with up to four different waveforms. Or choose the SH-3D Model, which swaps an extra LFO for the fourth part. There’s also a jammable Chord Model for creating complex chord changes with single notes and simple slider movements.

Craft crisp modern textures with the two-operator Cross FM Model. Develop complex morphing tones with the powerful Wavetable Model. Or use the Drawing Model to design your own waveforms and build sounds never heard before.

Fashion bold metallic textures with the Ring Model, which offers deep sound-shaping via crossfade parameters, waveshapes, tuning, and more. And with the Sync Model, it’s easy to create oscillator sync tones with evolving harmonic richness and powerful envelope control.

The SH-4d also comes loaded with influential voices from Roland’s historic past. Create classic analog flavors with the authentic sounds of the SH-101 and JUNO-106 Models. And anchor your tracks with the PCM Model and its large selection of sample-based sounds from our historic library.

The dedicated rhythm part features 49 preset kits and 64 slots for storing your own. You get 26 instruments in a kit, each with up to two layered waveforms, dedicated EQs, and a slate of synthesis tools for shaping sounds to perfection.

Whether building tones or creating patterns, the Filter, Amp, and LFO sections are always ready to shape what you’re working on. The newly developed ladder Filter offers multi-mode operation with interactive Drive and Resonance, full envelope control, and an independent HPF to instantly tighten any sound. The Amp section provides ADSR and quick level adjustment, while the deep LFO section features numerous waveform types, fade, filter, pitch, and more.


The dynamic OSC section puts the most important creative parameters within easy reach. Shape sounds from scratch by starting from a clean slate. Or call up preset and user tone libraries for each Model and begin tweaking from there.


With the powerful Matrix section, you can use LFOs, envelopes, or external MIDI sources to modulate Model parameters. Easily set assignments by grabbing knobs and dive deep into detailed settings via the intuitive menu structure.


Among its many tricks, the SH-4d features built-in motion sensors that allow you to pick up the synth and tweak sounds with physical movements as you perform. Use D-Motion to control two assignable parameters for the X/Y axis. Or call up the unique Visual Arpeggio to shape note patterns via fun interactive displays.


The SH-4d offers rapid-fire Roland sequencing with four synth parts and a dedicated rhythm part. Use two different step recording modes to enter up to eight notes per step or real-time recording mode to capture playing as you go. Fine-tune note velocity and other settings with detailed list editing. And manipulate patterns with reverse/random playback, first step/last step, and other powerful performance features.


In Pattern mode, the SH-4d’s OSC section and LCD transform into a mixer for finessing levels and arranging on the spot. Control part volumes, muting, and panning and view effect send levels at a glance. When you’re not in Pattern mode, you can mute/unmute parts and individual pattern steps with quick button presses.


Drop into real-time recording to capture knob and slider movements whenever you’re ready. To refine your motion moves, record another pass or open the list editor and start tweaking. If you want to start over, you can easily clear all motion in a pattern with one command.


The SH-4d provides lots of additional ways to infuse your creations with color and detail. Set probability amounts per step to invite unpredictability and add sub steps for flams and ratchets. And along with the Visual Arpeggio feature, there’s a traditional arpeggiator to capture moving note patterns as you record.


Each sequencer part has a dedicated MFX processor with 95 effect types to explore. From filter, drive, and lo-fi effects to delays, pitch shifters, phasers, flangers, and the famous JUNO chorus, you’re sure to find what you need for any style.


The SH-4d includes shared chorus, delay, and reverb effects with send controls for each part and top-level buttons for fast on/off access. There’s also an MFX processor for the pattern output, plus a system EQ and compressor for fine-tuning the overall mix.


The SH-4d excels as a sound module and controller in a more extensive hardware setup, with 5-pin MIDI I/O, a dedicated clock input, and a 3.5 mm stereo audio input for an AIRA Compact, Roland Boutique, or another external instrument.


The SH-4d runs on a standard USB-C phone charger or AA batteries for up to four hours. The rugged, grab-and-go design lets you create non-stop, whether in the studio, on the road, or lounging around the house.