Roland VG-99

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The monolith that is the Roland VG-99 is a milestone in guitar modeling. With three powerful processors at its core and expression controls such as Ribbon Controller and D BEAM, this super computer of synthesis raises the bar in guitar modeling. The hardcore COSM in the VG-99 models a plethora electric, acoustic and even bass guitar models, along with some sick synth waves such as the famous GR-300.

The VG-99 can produce custom tunings — anything the player desires on any virtual guitar. A virtual Les Paul, for example, could be tuned down four or five steps for a heavy sound, while a nylon string could be tuned as a 12-string, and also tuned down four or five steps at the same time. Open and drop tunings are also supported as well as user-defined custom tunings and can be applied to any COSM guitar, so the player can switch instantly between tuning setups without physically switching guitars or having to manually retune. 

I think you get it. This modern marvel can take you anywhere sonically that you wanna go. 

This unit is lightly used and works great. It ships out the very next day upon payment.