Sadowsky NYC Model #402 '59 Burst 5-String Bass

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The mighty Sadowsky. One of the upper eschelon names in top notch bass guitars.

Ol' Serial # 1693. Those who know, know. :) It's been around. This 5-string wonder, finished in '59 Burst, features a two octave, 24-fret neck. Crafted from ash with a gorgeous quilted maple top, this bass is toneful and full of resonance. The two-piece maple neck has a wide V profile (.808"-.955") with a 12" radius. The neck on this one is to die for! 

Inside, it's loaded up with a pair of EMG pickups that  tight, punchy, modern sound. Onboard controls are master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off, stacked pot for bass boost and treble boost, & pre-amp bypass toggle. These are the ingredients you need to get just about any tone you need outta this bass. 

The serial # 1693 puts its date of production in the time span of 1992-93. During that time it has seen it share of gigs and sessions. Signs of love and use are all over this bass. And for good reason: the feel and playability (not to mention the damn tone) of this bass are next level. There's next wear, fretboard playwear, a few dings....its been played but it's badass AF. It still feels and plays amazing. 

It weighs in at 8.8 lbs and feels nice and balanced; comfy for those longer sets. 

The pro luthiers here at EMS have given it a full setup so that it's ready for stage or studio the moment it arrives to you. It ships the next day with the included soft case. 

If you have questions about this bass or any of our other gear, please give us a shout here at the shop.