Seeker Electric Effects Zodiac "Zonk" Fuzz

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Pure 60’s fuzz joy in a box...

Lean and mean, spitty and gritty with a tight attack and tons of clear string definition. Zodiac is the Zonk brother to Descry’s MKI Bender tones with the same controls (Bias Tone Volume) and approach to vintage fuzz tone in a flexible, modern format. 

Featuring a trio of carefully matched NOS Germanium transistors, NOS capacitors and Koa Speer carbon film resistors. All the Zonk tones are there and more! I’ve dialed in the tone and bias sweep just right for the perfect range of classic Zonk tones while maintaining the flexibility to have either a warmer or thinner tone via MKIII/IV Tonebender filter control, as well as a modified bias control for wide open sustain or ultra gated spitting texture and everywhere in between.

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