Sonicware Liven Lofi 12 Groovebox

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Give your samples a bit of crunch and warmth with the Lofi-12, a 12/16-bit sampler inspired by vintage 80's samplers. More than just a bit reduction effect, this box records the actual sound in a lofi way to give you authentic audio degradation that is hard to emulate. Switch between 12 and 24kHz with 4s and 2s of sampling time, respectively, plus a switchable 16-bit and 12-bit recording mode. Set start and stop points, pitch adjustment, playback speed, and filtering all in the Lofi-12, and samples are automatically mapped to the built in keyboard. Sequence your sounds with a built in 4-track step sequencer and compose an entire piece with 64 patterns and 64 steps per pattern. Additionally, each track has independent effects for EQ, filtering, and delay, with a master reverb effect and cassette/vinyl emulator. For a compact and affordable way to get those lofi sounds and beats, the Sonicware Liven Lofi-12 is a great option.

Peep these Features!

  • Lofi 12/16-bit sampler with 12/24khz recording setting
  • 128 Sample memory slots, up to 4s in length, preloaded with 80 lofi sounds
  • Samples automatically map to the keyboard to easily play the sounds
  • 11 Effects per track: chorus, tremolo, flanger, delay, distortion, bit crusher, low and high pass filters, isolator, tilt eq, and compressor
  • 8 Master Reverb settings:hall, room, arena, tunnel, infinity, plate, cassette and vinyl simulator
  • Laid-back knob delays the sound for a behind-the-beat feel
  • 4 Track step sequencer with parameter and sound locking
  • 10 Voice polyphony
  • Store 64 patterns with 64 steps for the sequencer

This sweet lofi box is lightly used and works great! It ships the next day with the included box