Spaceman Effects Equinox

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The Equinox is an expansive tone shaping tool inspired by studio equalizers of the past. Spaceman has thoughtfully analyzed these classic circuits to lovingly craft a modest form factor, instrument level focused design. The core circuit features an abundance of irregular options that have rarely been applied to traditional stompbox EQs. The atypical multi-band configuration, with custom filter ranges, are capable of complex and interactive frequency responses. Discrete high-headroom input and output stages make it suited to handle a variety of input sources, while providing tons of warm vintage character.

The Equinox is divided up into 3 sections: One LO band, with BOOST and CUT capabilities, one HI CUT band, and one HI BOOST band. The LO band, and HI CUT band are first order filters, while the HI BOOST band is a second order filter. A number of cool tricks can be accomplished by carefully mixing the various cut and boost parameters. For example, using both the CUT and BOOST parameters of the LO band can create large scoops or shelves similar to using 2 sections of a parametric EQ giving you a tight, focused, yet thunderous bass response. By exploring these interactions one can realize a plethora of frequency rolloff shapes to surgically alter your signal source in exciting and dynamic ways. Placing the Equinox at different spots in your chain gives you the ability to tweak your sonic soundscape as subtly or as dramatically as you like.