Stonewall Pickups Alternate Dimension Wide Range Humbucker

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It's a long name for a pickup, yes... but the name explains exactly what this pickup is:

The Alternate Dimension Wide Range Humbucker made to fit in traditional sized humbucker routes. Huzzah!

Scott from Stonewall redesigned the Fender Wide Range Humbucker: the Alternate Dimension Wide Range Humbucker. There are far fewer guitars routed for the larger Wide Range Humbuckers than traditional humbuckers so it was only logical to offer the same great tone in a more common size. The tone is phenomenal and exciting and inspiring to play. Compared to a traditional construction humbucker, these have taller bobbins made with rod magnets instead of steel pole pieces and a bar magnet. Because of this, you can split these to get a true Strat tone. As a humbucker, the tone sounds like a Strat-humbucker: like a bigger, hum-canceling Strat. Very responsive, clean, and snappy.

Recommended for: those who need a bigger, hum-canceling Strat tone; a Fender tone (similar to a Strat) in humbucker routs such as the bridge position in an SSH routed Strat or a neck position in a Tele; those who want a Strat tone in a Gibson; those who want a mew tone they don’t already have.