Stromer Mutroniks Superfuzz

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Stromer Mutronics are cranking some of the sickest vintage-style NOS hand-wired fuzz pedals out of their workshop in New York. Here's what they have to say about the Superfuzz:

"It's based on a 1976 Shin Ei Companion SF-1 fuzz that I used to have. The two switches are Octave on/off, a feature that was added to make the fuzz more versatile, and the tone switch that works just like the one on the original shin ei. On my vintage pedal the Fuzz (aka Expander) knob worked more like another volume control and wasn't very useful, but in this version it can take you from overdrive territory to full on fuzz. Especially if you turn off the octave. But yeah, I think the video demo explains it better than I can."

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