Summer School Electronics Half Day Compressor

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The Half Day Compressor from Summer School Electronics is a Ross-style compressor that boasts some modern amenities for today’s player.  This compressor will level out your playing preventing any volume spikes while playing and raising any notes that are softer than the desired level for a smooth compressed sound.  This is especially helpful when playing individual notes from string to string, or fingerpicking.  The most notable upgrade is the toggle switch from Guitar to Bass which changes input capacitance.  In “Guitar” mode, the lower frequencies are rolled off allowing the compressor to stand out in a band mix.  In the “Bass” setting more lower frequencies are allowed to pass through making it ideal for bass, synths, baritone and drop tuned guitars.  Other features include a tone control to further dial in the ideal sound based on music genre, and an included boost which allows the played to achieve the “squashed” compressor sound at higher volumes for solos.

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