Sunn 1200S Tube Amp Head 1960's

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Hear that? Be that thunder? Nay. Be that giants? Nay. Be that the most monstrous amp in all the land? Indeed.

Its as loud as it is big. The Sunn 1200S, delivering every bit of that beautiful 60s Sunn tone you'll need for the studio, and all the air pushing capabilities you'll need for your basement stoney wizard project.

Powered by a quad of 6550's, this thing is 120watts of badassery. Run straight into the normal or bright channels and this has headroom for days, but take a patch cable and jump those channels and you'll start to push yourself up into tube saturated overdriven bliss.

The reverb on it is ESPECIALLY drippy. No need for a verb pedal on your board when you're running through this bad boy, you're already in the stratosphere. And the tremolo circuit is subtle and sweet for when you want to add a little bit of wobble to your drones.

This bad boy has seen plenty of stages, and it shows a few minor signs of wear aesthetically, but it has been tested thoroughly and it works perfectly!

This thing is heavy as hell, so we can ship it, but it ain't gonna be cheap. If you have any additional questions about this vintage monster of an amp, feel free to give us a call here at the shop!