Sunn 2x15 Cab (JBL D15S)

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These amps need no introduction. The legendary Sunn amps of the 70's gained such a cult following for their massive tone that they even had a doom band named after them. 

This massive cabinet is the perfect addition to any bass rig, or even to pair with a guitar amp for some extra oomph in the low end department. Loaded up with two JBL D15S 15" speakers wired up at 8ohms, this thing is ready to rattle the picture frames off of your neighbor's walls.

This cab has seen its fair share of gigging, and has the battle scars to prove it. But isn't that what you want from a vintage Sunn cab? You're not here to store this in a glass case to show your dinner party guests, you're here because you want to break some fucking skulls! 

We ain't gonna ship this monster, but isn't it time you made a trip to come see us anyway? Feel free to give us a call here at the shop if you've got any questions about this sick cab!