Sunn 4x12 Model T Amp Cabinet (1990's Fender Era)

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These amps need no introduction. The legendary Sunn amps of the 70's gained such a cult following for their massive tone that they even had a doom band named after them. 

This cab was one of the reissues produced in the 90's after Fender purchased the brand, and although typically considered not as desirable as their original 70's counterparts, this thing packs just as much of a punch as any Sunn cab ever has.

Loaded up with the stock Celestion G12-75s, this 16ohm 300watt mammoth is ready to rattle the walls til the cows come home. 

This cab has obviously seen lots of use over the years. It has been gigged and gigged some more, accumulating a few battle scars and tolex tears throughout its life. But don't let those little blemishes fool you, this thing sounds just as monstrous as it did the day it left the factory.

We ain't gonna ship this guy. It's huge. But it would absolutely be worth the drive to our shop to pick it up! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!