Sunn Model T

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Alright, let's not fuck around here. We've got ourselves a Gen 1 Sunn Model T!

I mean...OH. EM. GEE. We are big Sunn worshipers around here they don't come much more clean than this. Look at it. It really is beautiful, Clark. 150 watts of fuck you. This thing moves air. Currently loaded with Tube Amp Doctor KT88s which brings a smoother crunch, but throw those 6550s in there if ya want it a little crustier.

The Model T traces its roots back to the Bassman but was designed to give a bigger low end capability and a more focused amount of grit that's nice and tight. This amp has edge-of-breakup tones in spades and when you put a boost or overdrive in front, it shows its true rock god colors. Or...leave the path of light behind by plugging in your favorite Muff or Rat pedal and enter a dark realm of doom where boys fear to tread. 

Seriously this is the amp that so many pedals have tried to emulate (and some do it damn well) but nothing can truly touch the original. There ain't much else to say. This is one of those listings like "if you're looking at this, you already know..." kinda shpiels 

Someone is going to be a happy camper with this guy. This IS the droid you are looking for.