SUNN O))) Solarus

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This is cool piece. The Sunn Solarus is a 60ish-watt EL34 ripper that has a tone of variety in tone.

British Marshall vibes, but it also does a nice Fender spank with the onboard verb and tremolo. 

This particular unit has been cosmetically decorated in it's lifetime and now sports a new faceplate, grill cloth and really cool wooden/mother of pearl badge. Never seen a badge like this before, not sure if it was custom made or what, but it's cool as hell.

Anyway, this head is sick and deserves a good home. It can handle cabs at 8 or 16 ohms, has a Fender style footswitch for the reverb and tremolo and we'll ship is safely if ya don't want to come in and snag it. Comes with a sweeeeeet gold n glittery cover!