SVL '61 Reserve

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Wow. What a killer guitar. Simon has done it again!

The SVL Reserves were inspired by some of the very best vintage Fenders. The majority of the timber used in these guitar builds is salvaged timber and is naturally air dried not kiln dried. Pickups are custom wound for SVL with these guitars in mind, and they also are lightly aged to not only sound fabulous but look incredible too, these guitars have the true clarity and chime of the originals, perfect for clean straight into the amp playing when you really want to ‘hear’ the playing and touch sensitive tone. They have a more natural warmth and slight scoop in the midrange, the low end is slightly ‘loose’ sounding giving it more of a hint of vintage vibe.

They are built from the ground up to be ‘new old’ guitars, not just a battered new guitar, I think you will see, feel and hear the difference over the more modern sounding SVL sixty one..

  • SVL 61 'Reserve' Salvaged old growth Alder one piece body (med lightweight) these bodies are naturally air dried and not kiln dried.
  • Nitro Finishes aged from lightly scuffed through to heavy beaten.
  • Quarter sawn flame maple, dark responsibly sourced Rosewood fingerboard, nitro tinted lacquer, custom slim 61c profile
  • 9.5" straight radius w/ 1 5/8 nut width
  • Custom made vintage hardware all lightly aged.
  • Callaham custom plastics
  • Custom Wound Pickups
  • Vintage spec CTS Pots with super smooth feel.
  • Vintage spec CRL Switch with aged shaft 
  • NOS Oil in paper capacitors fitted.

This beautiful baby weighs 7.26 lbs and will ship lightning fast in an extremely nice ATA case!